List of Panel Speakers

The following is a list of scholars who will make up the panels during the 2014 conference.

Details of the conference’s Keynote and Plenary Speakers can be found here.

Name Institution Paper Title
Dr Naeema ABDELGAWAD Buraydah Colleges, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Re-writing the Image: Sports and Subalternity in Yusuf El Sebaee’s My Heart is Back
Dr Alan BAIRNER Loughborough University ‘Are ye lookin’ for a game?’ Michael Murphy on golf, human potential, and Scottishness
Dr Thomas BAUER University of Limoges The serialisation of Le Roi de la pédale  / King of the Pedal (1925): Business, cycling and mass media
Sarbajaya BHATTACHARYA Jadavpur University Sports Writing in Bengal: The World of Moti Nandi
Lisa COAR University of Leicester To Waste, or not to Waste? That is Equestrian: Making Weight Morbid Among Victorian Men
Dr Roxana CURTO University of Iowa Sport in the Postcolony: Soccer and Wrestling in Senegalese Literature
Victoria DAWSON De Montfort University ‘”I am a professor of science”’ – Class and Classification in George Bernard Shaw’s Cashel Byron’s Profession
Dr Nikolai ENDRES Western Kentucky University Let the Games Begin: Sex and Sports in Patricia Nell Warren’s The Front Runner
Dr Christopher EWERS Chief-sub editor, Sports Section, The Daily Express The Art of Fielding and the Art of the Sports Novel
Dr Simon FEATHERSTONE De Montfort University In Search of a Body: Women, Sport and Popular Representation, 1890-1910
Emma GRUNDY HAIGH Goldsmith’s College, University of London Endurance Test: Making Sport of the Body under Punishment in Ian Fleming’s 007 series
Dr Andrew HARVEY Birkbeck, University of London Match-fixing in Literature
Dr Magda Mansour HASABELNABY Ain Shams University, Cairo The Other Face of Sports: Competition and/or Friendship in Piri Thomas’s ‘Amigo Brothers’
Dr Matthew KLUGMAN Victoria University “I’m As Nauseous as I’ve Ever Been… You Want to Feel Like This   Every Day”: Sport, Non-Fiction and the Pleasures of Embodied Suffering
Dr Daryl LEEWORTHY University of Huddersfield History is what you live: Sport, Class, and Region in the Novels of Ron Berry
Yuexi LIU University of Durham ‘Faster, faster’: the Bright Young People and Motor Racing in Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies
Dr Malcolm McLEAN University of Gloucestershire Girl Culture, Friendship and Marketing Board Sports – Fictional accounts of surfer girls
Dr Simon MARTIN British School at Rome Fantasizing Fascism. Emilio De Martino and the sporting novel in Mussolini’s Italy.
Ruth MORRIS Independent Researcher Professional sport in the Victorian periodical, Belgravia: A London Magazine
Dr Anthony MAY Kingston University Football and identity construction in the novels of Irvine Welsh
Souvik NAHA Swiss   Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich Literature and the Making of Cricket in Modern Bengal, 1960-90
Dr Elena NISTOR University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest ‘The surest way out of solitude…’: Reflections on Football in Contemporary British Poetry
Elizabeth PENNER De Montfort University “Athleticism, “Manliness”, and the Boy’s Own Paper
Simon SANDISON University of Leeds “There isn’t anyone else like me, maybe I’ll go down in history”: baseball’s nostalgic influence throughout 20th century US literature
Matthew SHERMAN University of Oxford The Literary Representation of Bodybuilding in Elfriede Jelinek’s Ein Sportstück
Dr Shannon SMITH Bader International Study Centre, Queen’s University, Canada “Performing severe work”: The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race and the Male Sporting Body in the Victorian Textual Imaginary
Nicola STEAD Independent Researcher “Be a good sport”: The performance of class in Tom Brown’s Schooldays and Malory Towers
Dr Stephen TATE University College of Football Business, Burnley ‘The Wignall angle’: The shifting boundaries of fact, fiction and speculation in the career of sports writer Trevor Wignall
Dr Jane THOMAS University of Hull The ‘New Sculpture’ and Physical Culture: Manly Beauty and the Social Good at the Fin de Siécle
David TOMS University College, Cork Writing Sport in Ireland: Joyce and O’Casey
Dr Ellen TURNER Lund University, Sweden Gladys Mitchell’s Murder Mysteries and Changing Perceptions of Physical Education
Dr Harpreet Kaur VOHRA Panjab University Partition and Punjab: the Making of Milkha Singh in the Autobiography The Race of My Life
Dr Claire WARDEN University of Lincoln ‘You suck!’ Literariness and textual presence in professional wrestling
Dr Jonathan WESTAWAY University of Central Lancashire “A banner with a strange device”: Longfellow’s Excelsior and the metonymical presence of Idealism in mountaineering.
Dr Elizabeth WILSON Independent Researcher (Retired) The Sissy Game

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